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Network expansion, live
The latest update for Germany

In 2018 we will deliver a new station every two weeks on average. All in all, 100 hydrogen filling stations will be built by 2019.

In planning
Approval Phase
Execution Phase
Trial operation phase

Currently: 64 opened H2 stations
in Germany

Hydrogen demand
in Germany

H2-gas stations
Nov 16Jun 17Jan 18Aug 18Today204060
Aug 16Feb 17Aug 17Feb 18Aug 18Feb 192468
(Based on the fuel stations operated by H2 MOBILITY.)

Putting into service

Schnelldorf (OMV)

March 2019
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1
91625 Schnelldorf


March 2019
Obere Leimbach null
57074 Siegen

Aachen (Shell)

March 2019
Prager Ring 106
52070 Aachen

Schnelldorf (OMV)

March 2019
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1
91625 Schnelldorf


March 2019
Obere Leimbach null
57074 Siegen

Aachen (Shell)

March 2019
Prager Ring 106
52070 Aachen

Everything you need to know about hydrogen, in brief

If you have any other questions, please write to us at

It is easy to refuel your car with hydrogen
Refuelling with hydrogen

What happens during the refuelling process
Your car and our dispenser communicate via an infrared interface. As soon as the tank hose is locked, the filling level of your tank is determined by a test surge. After a short pause, the refuelling process begins. Don’t worry: It is normal for you to hear a hiss as the gaseous hydrogen is pressed into the tank, and for the hose to tense. In Linde systems, a pressure gauge on the side lets you watch the pressure rising in the tank.

Replace the dispenser properly! Why this is so important.
Only when a refuelling process has been completed can the system begin to prepare for the next refuelling by building up the necessary starting pressure. Correctly replacing the dispenser is a prerequisite for this. Please be careful to do this after refuelling.

Is there a support hotline in case of problems or malfunctions

Whether there is a hotline generally depends on the operating company. We offer a 24/7 support hotline for all H2 MOBILITY stations: +49 800 400 20 23. Please only use it if there is a malfunction!

My car won’t fill up completely – What can I do?

The maximum filling level for vehicles can vary between individual H2 filling stations. Factors such as the outside temperature are also responsible for this. The average filling level is approx. 97%. If your refuelling unexpectedly ends at less than 85%, you can repeat the fuelling process. To do this, end the current refuelling process, including replacing the dispenser. Then restart the process by registering with your fuel card. If you still have difficulties, please contact the operator or the local support hotline.

Ice on the fuel nozzle – What does it mean?

Anyone who has ever inflated a bicycle tyre knows that it warms up as the pressure rises. We refuel hydrogen at 700 bar! The H2 is pre-cooled in our systems, to between -33°C and -40°C. So it can happen that ice forms on the nozzle when there is high humidity.

Can I submit feedback about filling stations or any refuelling problems I experience?

We very much welcome your feedback! Please submit your wishes, constructive criticism, suggestions for individual stations or about the hydrogen infrastructure in general using the feedback section of our H2.LIVE app. Thank you!

Fuel card for hydrogen

Why do I need an H2 fuel card?
A personal H2 fuel card is required for hydrogen refuelling at all public hydrogen filling stations in Germany (exception: the industrial estate in the Höchst district of Frankfurt: here, you will need a credit card). The H2 fuel card is used to authenticate yourself at the terminal. It also serves to assign your refuelling data in the billing process. Unfortunately, our fuel card isn’t valid outside Germany at this time – but we’re working on it! Our goal is to ensure hydrogen-powered mobility across borders.

How do I get an H2 fuel card?
It’s easy! Register through our H2.LIVE app or online ( in the ‘My H2.LIVE’ section, and apply for your free personal H2 fuel card. Please confirm that you have completed the video tutorial. You can manage your information on ‘My H2-LIVE’. We will gradually activate more and more features and functions. If ever you wish to delete your account, just send us a message to At this time, the Spilett agency is still handling delivery of the fuel cards. However, after  1 February 2019, there will be an H2.LIVE/CARD administered by H2 MOBILITY. The CEP/Spilett H2 card will no longer be accepted at H2.MOBILITY and partner stations from 1 April 2019.

Why do I even need a tutorial to apply for an H2 fuel card?
In principle, refuelling with hydrogen is almost like filling up with petrol. Remove gas cap, insert nozzle, done. The only significant difference is in the physical state of the fuel: hydrogen is gaseous! So there are some differences. To ensure that all hydrogen pioneers know how refuelling with hydrogen works, we’ve made the tutorial a prerequisite for the card application.

Can I use my H2 fuel card to refuel outside Germany?
Not yet, but we’re working on it. If you need specific information about hydrogen refuelling abroad, please send an inquiry stating your destination country to We will contact you with the country-specific details.

Whom do I contact if I lose my card, want to block it, have forgotten my PIN, or need additional cards?
Until 1 February 2019, please contact: or phone: +49 (0) 30 536 796 23 (Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00). From March 2019, there will be the H2 MOBILITY H2.LIVE/CARD. Information to follow.

Questions about payment & billing

How do I pay for the hydrogen I’ve put in my tank?
The respective service station operator bills you using your fuel card. A few stations let you pay by credit card. Please refer to the station details to find out who is the operator of the hydrogen filling station. Here, you will also see whether payment by credit card is possible..

Where will my invoice be sent?
The invoice is always sent to the address provided in the card application. If you have a question about a specific H2 invoice or wish to change your billing address, please send an email to

Will I get a receipt directly at the hydrogen filling station?
Yes. You can request and retrieve a receipt from the card terminal during authorisation or after completing the refuelling process.

Do I have to enter the filling station shop to pay?
You do not have to enter the filling station shop to pay. Payment for hydrogen is usually made by invoice directly via your H2 fuel card.

How much does hydrogen cost?
Hydrogen is billed in kilogrammes. The price for one kilogramme of hydrogen at all public H2 filling stations in Germany is €9.50 (gross). A fuel-cell vehicle consumes approx. one kilogramme of hydrogen, incurring fuel costs of €9.50, per 100 km. Thus, the fuel costs are comparable with those of an average petrol-powered car that consumes 7 litres per 100 km. (mileage of 14.3 km per litre; 33.6 miles per gallon)

General questions on hydrogen mobility

How much does a filling station cost?
At this point, building the hydrogen infrastructure is still very expensive. One station currently costs more than 1 million euros. Of course, this has to change in the long term, but until then H2 MOBILITY receives funding from Germany and the EU: The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) funds up to 50% of some of our hydrogen stations with its National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel-cell Technology (NIP). Other stations are part of the European projects Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME), and Connecting Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (COHRS), and are sponsored by the EU. In the detailed information for each site, we state the sponsors behind it.

What does the H2.LIVE map show me?

Welcome to H2.LIVE! 
Every 2 minutes, we pull live information from public hydrogen stations all across Europe where you can refuel with hydrogen at 700bar! This means that you are always fully up to date with H2.LIVE online or the H2.LIVE app.

A brief explanation: When you zoom in on a country, green and red dots become visible. Green dot: This station is available. Red dot: You can’t fill up here at this time. An exclamation mark by a green station usually indicates maintenance dates; by a red station it informs you when the station will start operating again. If a station is unavailable due to its opening hours, the red dot is marked with clock hands. If we didn’t receive any live information, we assume that it is possible to refuel, but will put a question mark by the station.

You will find additional details for each station, including address, operator, opening hours and, usually, contact details. Just click on the dot.

AND: We offer a free 24/7 service hotline for all H2 MOBILITY stations: +49 800-400 2023.

‘Future’ button 
Would you like to take a look into the future of hydrogen? Activate the ‘Future’ button in the upper right-hand corner to see where we are currently building stations, in blue. The filling level of each circle shows how far construction has progressed at that site.