Filling up with H2
Hydrogen mobility starts now

Mobility is the engine that drives our lives. But our needs and aspirations have changed. We’d like to have clean mobility ASAP – but still arrive quickly and comfortably at our destination. Hydrogen mobility delivers precisely this: it’s electric mobility with the convenience we’ve grown accustomed to. Refuel in just a few minutes for familiar ranges. And that applies to hydrogen cars, which refuel at 700 bar, as well as commercial vehicles, which refuel at 350 bar. Our map shows you exactly where.

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700 bar Network expansion, live!
The filling station network for hydrogen cars in Germany

The basis for hydrogen mobility with passenger cars has been created in Germany. Commercial vehicles can already refuel at 350 bar at various hydrogen stations. Further hydrogen stations will be built primarily where demand for commercial vehicles can be expected in the short term and where a public refueling station for a growing network of refueling stations for passenger cars also appears to make sense.

Total network in Germany
350 bar and 700 bar hydrogen filling stations in Germany

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