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With more than 20,000 monthly users, the H2.LIVE platform is the leading information portal for the growing number of hydrogen drivers in Europe. You are operator of a publicly available hydrogen refueling station for passenger vehicles (700 bar) or trucks/buses (350 bar) in Europe with an availability of at least 40 kg hydrogen per day? Become part of H2.LIVE in order to  reach international customers!

Benefits of becoming part of the H2.Live platform

Visibility for hydrogen drivers throughout Europe ✚
Ability to provide customers with (real-time) information ✚
Access to statistics ✚
Feedback from H2.LIVE users ✚
News on current developments of European operators ✚
Possibility to embed a H2.LIVE map widget on your website ✚

These requirements must be met by hydrogen refueling stations

Together with automotive manufacturers, the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), and other industry representatives, we have developed a list of requirements to ensure that all hydrogen refueling stations displayed on H2.LIVE meet uniform quality standards.
Overview of the requirements +

Become part of the H2.LIVE platform

Add a hydrogen refueling station to the H2.LIVE map

Admission of new stations

Three simple steps to become part of the H2.LIVE platform

1. You fill out the online questionnaire, which asks for details about your hydrogen refueling station and its compliance with our quality standards.
2. Your request will be examined. If all requirements are met, the station will be added to the H2.LIVE map.
3. You will get access to the H2.Operator app, which will allow you to benefit from all advantages of the H2.LIVE platform.

Manage your stations on H2.LIVE

The H2.OPERATOR app is an important tool that allows you to easily manage your hydrogen refueling stations on H2.LIVE.
Operator update

News about the H2.LIVE platform
Our quarterly operator update keeps you posted on the latest features and news of H2.LIVE as well as current developments of the European hydrogen refueling station network.

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