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Driving with hydrogen in everyday life

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On a purely rational level, our job is this: we, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland GmbH & Co KG, are responsible for establishing a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure to supply cars with fuel-cell drives in Germany. In fact, however, we are building a mobile future of rapid refueling, long ranges, clean and quiet mobility. This is truly one-of-a-kind: there is no comparable entrepreneurial initiative anywhere in the world that sees the introduction of a zero-emissions fuel as a national duty and works towards it in this spirit.
Holger Grubel, drives a Toyota Mirai
Hydrogen can be used to power a car – so it’s only natural that the offshore wind project manager Holger Grubel should drive one. Because hydrogen is an important option for energy storage when it comes to the expansion of offshore wind power as well.
Thomas Volk: His company car is a Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell
Thomas Volk is so enthusiastic about hydrogen that he lets his coffee go cold while describing his experiences with it. What’s unusual here is that as Technical Director of Stromnetz Hamburg, Mr Volk is responsible for building the charging infrastructure in the Hanseatic city, so really he should be biased towards batteries. However, he believes in a combination: batteries for short distances in the city, but hydrogen for higher performance and long distances. Because driving profiles differ, and requirements are
Andreas Hornig: Offers Hyundai ix35 and Toyota Mirai in his car-sharing fleet
“No carsharing without!” This clear directive by Andreas Hornig, Managing Director of book-n-drive, refers to hydrogen-powered as well as battery-electric vehicles. It’s easy to try out new drive technologies in the car-sharing sector. And Hornig sees it as his duty to make this possible.