Gothenburg: Renova orders H2 truck fleet from H2X

by electrive.net

Australian developer H2X will deliver a fleet of H2 trucks to Swedish waste and recycling company Renova for use in Gothenburg. The order is worth up to 240 million Swedish kronor (about €20.6 million), according to H2X.

The company says it was able to secure the contract in 12 out of 13 categories specified in a tender by Renova. These cover the 18- and 26-tonne vehicle classes and include a range of truck configurations, including tippers, compactors, hook lifts and crane loaders. However, the Australians do not name an exact number of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to be delivered. But it will be “the largest fleet of its kind in Sweden”, according to an accompanying statement.

The order, worth around €20.6 million, covers the development and construction of the vehicles within the next three years. They are to be assembled in Sweden by subsidiary H2X Gothenburg AB. The latter also acts as Renova’s contractual partner.

“The award from Renova AB and the City of Gothenburg is a testament to H2X Global’s outstanding products and service to its clients in the transition towards zero-emissions,” says Bill Moss, H2X’s Head of Sales & Marketing. “This recognition acknowledges H2X Global’s leadership among other OEMs in achieving the goal of decarbonizing the commercial transportation and waste sectors.”

This is Renova’s second contract with H2X. Last year, H2X already secured the contract for the 3.5 tonne, 5 tonne and 18 tonne vehicle categories, worth up to 70 million Swedish kronor (around €6 million), in a smaller tender covering five vehicle classes. Renova, a municipal waste management company owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden, will operate the vehicles. To this end, a hydrogen filling station will be opened near the Renova depot in the first quarter of 2024.