Change of Managing Director at H2 MOBILITY Deutschland


Berlin, 7 February 2023 | After the joining of the eighth shareholder Hy24 and a capital increase of 110 million euros in 2022, the realignment at H2 MOBILITY Deutschland will be completed with a board change: Nikolas Iwan, who has developed the company into the world’s largest hydrogen filling station operator over the past seven years, will step down as Managing Director and take over as Chairman of the Advisory Board in the course of the year. In the future, H2 MOBILITY will be led by a team of three managing directors: Lorenz Jung, Martin Jüngel and Frank Fronzke. The change will be completed in April 2023.

Lorenz Jung, who has been with H2 MOBILITY since 2016, will represent the company externally as spokesman for the management. As CCO (Chief Commercial Officer), he is also responsible for communication, sales, customer, product and project development, as well as digital solutions and human resources.

Martin Jüngel, who has been with the company since 2020, will act as spokesman for the management board towards shareholders and investors. As CFO (Chief Financial Officer), he will continue to be responsible for Corporate Finance, Accounting, Controlling & IT, Purchasing and Public Funding.

The third managing director will be Frank Fronzke, who as COO (Chief Operations Officer) will combine the areas of technical development, construction and operations. In this way, the company will become even faster and more effective in the upcoming expansion and conversion of the hydrogen filling station infrastructure, as well as manage the transfer to 100 % green hydrogen by 2028. Frank Fronzke has been with the company since 2016.

Nikolas Iwan will take over the presidency of the H2 MOBILITY advisory board from summer 2023.

More information on H2 MOBILITY Germany at www.h2-mobility.de and on the hydrogen filling station network in Europe at www.h2.live.

Foto: Frank Fronzke, Lorenz Jung, Nikolas Iwan, Martin Jüngel

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