We support you in planning, construction and operation of your hydrogen filling stations

Hydrogen is a true all-rounder: the smallest element in our universe moves cars, buses, small and large commercial vehicles or even trains. This is why hydrogen filling stations differ: They are open to the public or located in the depot, they are integrated into existing filling stations or stand alone solutions. They store a few hundred kilograms or a few tons, under pressure or cryogenic, in horizontal bundles or high tanks or on exchangeable trailers. Anyone planning or wanting to operate a hydrogen filling station should know the options.

H2 MOBILITY is the largest hydrogen filling station operator worldwide. Our knowledge, experience and team are available to potential infrastructure investors with H2 MOBILITY services. Our services include consulting, planning, construction and the complete operation of hydrogen stations.

We stand for plant safety and security in operation, high reliability and great transparency through monitoring systems and digital maintenance management, clear processes and an always available on-site team.

Contact for planning and construction:
Lorenz Jung, Chief Projects Officer (CPO), E-Mail: jung@h2-mobility.de

Contact for operation:
Frank Fronzke, Chief Operations Officer (COO), E-Mail: fronzke@h2-mobility.de