Berlin, 11 January 2023 | The H2 MOBILITY Deutschland hydrogen station at the Shell filling station Tempelhofer Weg 102 was opened today in the presence of Federal Transport Minister Dr. Volker Wissing: Fuel cell trucks, waste collectors, cars, and light commercial vehicles can now refuel with hydrogen (H2) here.

The Tempelhofer Weg hydrogen filling station is one of Germany’s most efficient station as of today and is central to the further ramp-up of hydrogen mobility in the German capital: Nowhere else is the volume of H2 vehicles growing as fast as in Berlin.

Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing: “Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are an important building block for climate-friendly mobility. For this reason, the Federal Ministry for Transport is funding the deployment of a basic network of publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations. We are taking the lead and laying the foundations for climate-neutral road transport. For people and businesses to increasingly rely on alternative drivetrains, we need robust and widely available infrastructure. Hydrogen-powered vehicles will only be used if hydrogen filling stations are available across the country. We have joined forces with industry to achieve this goal.”

At the Tempelhofer Weg station, not only the BSR waste collectors will be refuelling in future, but also the fleet of “H2 move Berlin”, which is to grow to over 200 Toyota Mirai in the driving service by summer 2023. In addition, the first hydrogen trucks will be delivered to customers nearby, including in Hylane rental service, in Berlin in the spring of 2023.

Wolfgang Wüllhorst, Head of Fleet Management, Berliner Stadtreinigung: “Putting applications such as waste disposal for a transformed climate-friendly, modern mobility on to the road on a daily basis in a stable way  requires enormous efforts and a lot of expertise at all levels. I am delighted that the first truly high-performance H2 filling station is now coming online in Berlin. This supports us in the transformation and provides a necessary infrastructural service improvement for our operational processes.”

Thomas Mohnke, Senior Executive Partner SafeDriver Group, operator of the “H2 moves Berlin” fleet: “Hydrogen is also an ideal fuel for cars and vans in continuous operation. Refuelling takes just a few minutes, the ranges are suitable for everyday use and multi-shift operation can be implemented at any time. Public transport authorities in particular are dependent on reliable operating conditions around the clock.”

Sara Schiffer, Managing Director Hylane: “Our tenants have been on the road with hydrogen trucks in Germany since the end of last year. The expansion of the refuelling infrastructure gives our customers increasing flexibility in planning their routes and ensures a reliable hydrogen supply through regional redundancies. This is important because we need more vehicles with sustainable drives, especially in heavy goods transport, in order to achieve climate protection targets.”

After completion of the commissioning process, the hydrogen filling station is now regularly available for refuelling hydrogen trucks at 350 bar (H2 buses and trucks) and at 700 bar (H2 passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and waste collectors).

The Tempelhofer Weg hydrogen station is conveniently located near the city motorway 100 and the A 113 near the BSR service yard in the south of Berlin. It is Berlin’s fifth hydrogen station. Europe’s leading operator of hydrogen filling stations, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, is responsible for the hydrogen filling station’s construction and operation. The filling station technology at the new H2 filling station is supplied by the industrial gases and technology company Air Liquide.

Nikolas Iwan, Managing Director of H2 MOBILITY Germany: “With hydrogen at 350 bar, heavy commercial vehicles with e-drives can already refuel at megawatt speeds today – for example here at Tempelhofer Weg in Berlin. Our goal is to add up to 120 more locations across Germany in the next four years.”

Hydrogen is used to power FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles). Their advantages: no noise and no pollutants, but the same use, speed, and range as vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. Hydrogen cars have ranges of up to 700 kilometres and refuel in just three to five minutes; waste collectors, like conventional waste collectors, need about 15 minutes to refuel, for a range of up to 400 kilometres.

The construction of the hydrogen filling station was funded with a total of EUR 1.3 million by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport under its National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme. The funding directive is coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by the Jülich Project Management (PtJ).

The hydrogen filling station network in Germany
Fuel-cell vehicle drivers can currently refuel cars, smaller commercial vehicles, and utility vehicles such as waste collectors at 700 bar at nearly 100 public hydrogen filling stations in Germany. 350-bar refuelling for buses and trucks is also possible at some of these stations.

H2 MOBILITY continues to expand the hydrogen filling station infrastructure in focus regions and along the TEN-T corridors in line with demand. In addition, existing 700-bar hydrogen filling stations will be expanded short-term to include 350-bar pumps.

Foto I: Federal Minister Dr Volker Wissing; MdA Berlin Sebastian Czaja, Nikolas Iwan, CEO H2 MOBILITY Deutschland; Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, CEO NOW

Foto II: Michael Abersfelder, Geschäftsführer Wego; MdA Berlin Sebastian Czaja; Andreas Janssen, Head of Hydrogen Mobility Europe Shell; Sara Schiffer, Geschäftsführerin Hylane; Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Geschäftsführer der NOW; Lars-Peter Thiessen, Leiter Einführung Strategie Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzelle Opel; Nikolas Iwan, Geschäftsführer H2 MOBILITY Deutschland; Bundesverkehrsminister Dr. Volker Wissing; Wolfgang Wüllhorst, Leiter Fuhrparkmanagement Berliner Stadtreinigung; Jürgen Guldner, General Programm Manager Hydrogen Technology BMW

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