Wesseling, 18 August 2022 | Today, partners Shell and H2 MOBILITY Germany
commissioned the filling station at the Wesseling Shell station at Ahrstrasse
99. Drivers of zero-emission fuel-cell passenger cars now have another
refuelling option in the Cologne area.

The station is conveniently located on the A555 in the Wesseling industrial zone on the
direct route from Cologne-Bonn. It complements the focus region, where hydrogen (H2)
refuelling options already exist in Cologne-Frechen and at the Cologne-Bonn Airport.
The company responsible for building and operating the hydrogen filling station is H2
MOBILITY Deutschland, a key player in driving forward the expansion of the hydrogen
infrastructure in Germany. The filling station technology at the new H2 filling station
comes from the technology and gas company Linde and is state of the art.

Hydrogen offers the possibility of expanding the fuel supply in the transport sector in a
climate-friendly way, because hydrogen – especially if it is produced using renewable
sources – can help to significantly reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Operating a
hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle causes neither local pollutants nor carbon dioxide
emissions. The advantage of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles: short refuelling times for long

The additional station reaffirms Shell’s commitment to the hydrogen business. The
company intends to become a leading provider of green H2 for industrial and transport
customers. Among other things, Shell operates a 10 MW PEM electrolysis for the
production of green hydrogen plant at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland in
the immediate vicinity of the filling station.

For the construction of the hydrogen station in Wesseling, H2 MOBILITY Germany received
funding of at least €950,000 under the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
Innovation Programme (NIP) of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport

H2 MOBILITY Germany is creating the conditions for unlimited clean, quiet, and
uncomplicated hydrogen mobility in the European GSA nations: The company is in
charge of building and operating a network of public hydrogen filling stations that
enables electric mobility for light- to medium-duty commercial H2 vehicles (e.g. vans,
buses, trucks, waste collection vehicles), as well as H2 passenger cars, without range
restrictions and with short refuelling times. With the market ramp-up of the first
commercial fuel-cell vehicles, existing hydrogen filling stations are quickly being
expanded and new, larger filling stations being built where demand is expected to
increase. Through H2 MOBILITY SERVICES, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland also
supports third parties in planning, building, and operating H2 filling stations. H2
MOBILITY Germany is the initiator of the WOCHE DES WASSERSTOFFS

Its shareholders are Air Liquide, Daimler Truck, Hy24, Hyundai, Linde, OMV, Shell and
TotalEnergies. BMW, Honda, Tank&Rast Group, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as NOW GmbH
Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie advise H2
MOBILITY as associated partners.

Further information is available at www.h2-mobility.de and h2.live

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Shell Germany Oil GmbH
Petr Sindler, +420 737 272740, petr. sindler@shell.com

Linden AG
Thomas Kurt Schaefer, +49 89 74462464, thomas.kurt.schaefer@linde.com

H2 MOBILITY Germany GmbH & Co KG
Sybille Riepe, +49 170 5870317, riepe@h2-mobility.de