Berlin, Oct. 1, 2023 | Green hydrogen (H2) lowers the price of hydrogen at the first H2 MOBILITY filling stations. Company goal is 100% green H2 by 2028 at all stations.

Starting Oct. 1, the pump price at H2 MOBILITY stations will be based on the size and pressure level of a station in addition to the hydrogen offered. “By introducing the dynamic pricing model, we are passing on any price advantages that arise to our customers. This is particularly possible with green hydrogen and at filling stations where scaling effects arise,” explains Lorenz Jung, Managing Director and CCO of H2 MOBILITY Deutschland. “We are pleased that we can already send a clear signal for our green target by 2028.” In addition to the first stations, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland anticipates supplying regenerative hydrogen at additional stations in 2024.

Refueling at 700 bar will cost €11.00/kg H2 at the first stations where green hydrogen is provided, starting Oct. 1, 2023. The price at large refueling stations, where no supply contracts for regeneratively produced hydrogen exist to date, will remain unchanged at €13.85/kg H2. Here, the pricing model provides compensation for increased procurement, delivery and station operating costs. At stations where it is not possible to compensate for these costs, H2 MOBILITY will increase the price for 700 bar refueling by 10% and for 350 bar refueling by 7%.

From 1.Oct. 2023 the following prices apply accordingly:

The legal certainty created at EU level by the Delegated Acts of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) as to what will be considered green hydrogen in the future is boosting the production and availability of green, renewably produced H2 in Germany. Lorenz Jung: “As soon as more sources come on line and offer us hydrogen at marketable prices, surrounding filling stations will be supplied with it by us.” For more information, visit the H2 MOBILITY website.

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